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What Episode Does Vegeta Say He Loves Bulma Does Goku Only Have Platonic Feelings Towards Chi Chi? Is He Even Attracted To Her?

Does Goku Only Have Platonic Feelings Towards Chi Chi? Is He Even Attracted To Her? - what episode does vegeta say he loves bulma

I watched DBZ and I immediately thought of.

-Goku married Chi Chi, because of a stupid promise he made to her, although she did not even know what the temporary marriage. As has been forced to keep this promise?

"In addition, there was an episode where all the / of Goku and Chi-Chi-room there are two separate beds can see. What is it?

-Goku was ready, it seemed the old Kai kiss Bulma Vegeta but you will find winced. Vegeta Bulma says it is better than Chi Chi (as a compliment). I wonder if Chi Chi Bulma was so attractive, she was touching in the old Kai again?

Goku and Vegeta-When returning from the defeat of Majin Buu, he embraces Chi Chias she says she loves him. He also says he wants, but it meant so platonic?

Chi Chi seems (or was) to learn more attracted to Goku as vice versa. And although I know that also had 2 children (Gohan and Goten), and that's not really the appropriate response. How many couples have children, it had a variety of reasons? I wonder if Goku and Chi Chi Chi Chi had children, because you asked ... Goku and so did not care? It seems that listening to Chi Chi, because he afraid of her.


Ephemera... said...

Spoilers below * * be warned

Pastry was hell thumbs down, but he was right on the money.

Dragon Ball is one of those programs that are not adopted to describe the relationship question.

The only reason Goku even the first place went to Chi-Chi could be married to Gohan. Gohan pivotol plays a role in Dragonball Z, so that the marriage was a necessary space for Gohan enter the picture. (perhaps Goths)

Trunks arc of the story is the same way. Vegeta and Bulma's relationship with the unrealistc two, the less a sign of affection shown to each other. The sole purpose of meeting future trunks, because I had to be presented as the son of Vegeta shortly.

The 2-bed sounds good, you are often an anime couple are often too afraid to touch the hands and even less that others have the same bed. If you use anime as a "how to" guide for relations, one might think that the Japanese do not even have sex until the age of 40 years. Anime is certainly not presented in a positive light.

I do not want other anime as an example of the actual relationship or marriage, or because they describe all very realistic and are often required as points of land, previously used for the story.

Thumbs Down had been expected, but if you had to do, e-mail and tell me what he said wrong.

Hina-cha... said...

Chi Chi Goku may be, but it's really no such thing app that lets you keep your innocence in Dragonball and Dragonball Z, but he loves the way he shows he is very unique, there is a particularly good opportunities and a great MC.

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